Monday, May 9, 2011

Saturday's Two Losses

As usual, after waking up in the morning, even if it was still dark, I would open the main door , to let the morning sun enter the hall, as the hall is facing the east.
The door grill would still be padlocked.

I realised yesterday morning, while opening the door, the laptop wasn't at its usual place.
It was usually at the armrest of the opposite settee where I used to sit when surfing the computer.
I did not think much of it.
I assumed My Son was using it in His room, after I retreated to the room at 1am.
My Husband was still lying down on the opposite settee where the laptop was placed on its armrest at 1am.

In the morning, before We cross the Causeway to cast My vote, I did tell Him of the laptop not at its usual place, in the hall.
He assured Me My Son had brought it to His working place to have his work done with it.
He used to use Mine for His work related purposes at home, so I thought nothing extraordinary to bring it to His working place.
His is tabletop placed in His room, and Mine is more for everybody's use.

When My Son reached home slightly after midnight, informing Us, He did not bring the laptop to His working place, My Husband checked thoroughly of its disappearance.

The laptop was found fished out through the 4" x 9.5" window grill next to the two settees, probably after 2am, when He retreated into the room.
This tabletop computer I'm using now, placed at the verendah near the window where the thief fished out the laptop, was left untouched (he's most probably not noticing it).
The thief managed to step into the verendah via the mango tree branches that grew across the fencing.

When My Husband informed Nora*, My Mother's minder of the loss, she was shaken.
When I told her it is a normal incident in JB, her eyes were the most widest I had ever seen.

The laptop used to connect her to Surabaya, her hometown, the outside world, and answered her questions and doubts. 
Usually she would sit with Me in the late afternoon or evening, with many questions in her head.

She was not used to the rough world outside.
After her four-years in Saudi, she returned home.
When she was told that she was one of the fortunate maid, treated as part of her employer's family, she thanked GOD by sacrificing a goat, and treated the village folks to 'kesyukuran', or 'thankful feast'.

This time, she 'nazar', promising herself to sacrifice 'kibash' or mountain goat if she is able to finish the 2-year contract in Singapore.
Or, she will slaughter buffalo if My Mother's children are to visit her mountainous village not far from Mount Kelud.

But for now, surfing the net with Me will be temporarily stopped, as this computer is more for My Husband's work-related usage. 


A friend looked upon highly on her ex-boss, who occasionally served morning drinks to his staff, regardless of their status.
My friend, after many years leaving this company to find a more soul searching job, never had such a boss, with his signatured personal touch, went around serving coffee, and having brief chat, to even lowly paid workers.
Being an ordinary receptionist then, she felt her presence in the company was equally important and needed as the manager and the boss himself.
She was deeply touched by his personality, until this day...

I had blogged 'here',  
My ex-neighbour never fails to tell Me to send her regards to one MP she used to see on tv.  
She saw him growing up, washed and ironed his school uniform.
She worked in his
charitable grandfather's household in T.K., whose house was never without guests, who came from as far away as India, and further.  

I saw and heard nothing except praises and reminiscence of his good past, and his ground touching nature.

Three days ago, Foreign Affairs Minister, Mr George Yeo, said PAP has to undergo a transformation if it wants to engage the new generation of Singaporeans.
Many are angry with the Government.
There is a lot of resentment towards the ruling party because of its arrogance.
There are pent-up emotions among the people.
They wanted the government to patiently listen to their worries and concerns.
A real transformation of PAP is needed to make a real difference for Singaporeans.
Even Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong apologised, saying, "I am sorry..."

He said,
"No government is perfect...
from time to time,
mistakes will happen.
We made mistake when we let Mas Selamat run away...
when Orchard Road got flooded..."

Despite these PAP people's background, their sincerity in serving the nation, the important emotional connection between the government and the people is said to be too little too late.
The winds of change has probably blown on to Aljunied GRC, where My vote was cast.

I waited till after, over Channel 5, for the announcement to be made. 
Workers’ Party team in Aljunied GRC was officially declared the winner.
The party's 'A-Team' credible candidates – Sylvia Lim, corporate lawyer Chen Show Mao, postgraduate law student Pritam Singh, freelance counsellor Muhamad Faisal Abdul Manap and Low Thia Khiang,  won the contest against incumbent Mr George Yeo, Singapore’s Foreign Affairs Minister, Ms Lim Hwee Hwa, Minister in Prime Minister’s Office, Mr Zainul Abidin Rasheed, touted as the future Speaker of Parliament, Ms Cynthia Phua, a two-term MP and newcomer Ong Ye Kung, a trade unionist who was tipped to be an office-holder.

Finally, a breakthrough for the opposition parties in Singapore.
'Your votes tell us that the Government that you want is a home, not just a house.
Your votes tell the world that Singapore is just not an economic success to you.
Singapore is our home.'

The Worker’s Party (WP) had captured the first GRC in Singapore’s history – the Aljunied GRC.
With a bigger team of elected MP in parliament, and being the only opposition party elected into parliament, Singaporeans will now be hoping that there will be truly a first world parliament soon.

Foreign Affairs Minister, Mr George Yeo had become election casualty 2011.
He acknowledged the defeat while Ms Lim Hwee Hua was slightly teary.
A core member of the People’s Action Party (PAP) Cabinet, 
he said, 
‘It was a great campaign, we fought hard. We had no regrets,’
‘And we respect the decision of the people of Aljunied.’
He thanked Aljunied residents for their support, affection and bonds of friendship.

'A new chapter has opened in Singapore history. It was a tide we were not able to overcome,’ he added.
As he parted, he urged Mr Low’s team to look after the people of Aljunied.

A new chapter has opened in Singapore’s politics after Saturday’s polls. 

The People Action Party losing its GRC seat is a political landmark in Singapore.


BaitiBadarudin said...

Hope you'll get to use your laptop again and congratulations on the ground-breaking victory of the WP.

BaitiBadarudin said...

Hope you'll get to use your laptop again and congratulations on the ground-breaking victory of the WP.

Ummie said...

My Son had suggested netbook He'd seen.
Will look into it.
But to play safe in all situation, table top s still the best.
They bat no eyelid to it.

What ever party these people are in, they serve the constituency with with their 'soul'.

But still a tinge of sadness seeing the previous ones' departure.
We are human, after all.
Thanks to them.

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