Monday, October 27, 2008

Happy Deepavali

It was 5.15pm.
A group of bikers parking at the side of an Indian stall were waiting for friends to go to work together. A snaking row of Bas Kilang were crawling in the queue. Groups of girls were pacing up and down -  Impatience shown on their faces waiting for their transports yet to come. Though 'Festival of the Light' is round the corner, these Indian bikers, drivers and factory workers put their festive mood aside to routinely face the jam to cross the Johore Bahru Causeway greasing the economy.

Foreign Indians always fascinate me. They add colours and vibrants to all the happenings in the Lion City - Singapore.
Sitting at the bus-stop across Sheng Shiong nearest to the Woodlands Checkpoint, we can see the expatriate homemakers doing marketing at one of the cheapest store in Singapore. Their charming feature makes one momentarily believe that bevies of Bollywood beauties are waiting for buses.
Their intelligence has made the world pursue them.

The former Indian president, Mr A.P.J. Abdul Kalam who had been an invited speaker at S Rajaratnam School of International Study recently is confident of 100% literacy rate in India by 2020.
A rocket scientist himself, his vision of knowledge societies being innovative through creativity, has him encouraging young business graduates to take to politics in hastening the economic transformation of the country.

Excellent qualities in Indians contribute to the glitters in Singapore - Being expatriates do not discourage them to contribute to Singaporeans. They are known to sit as a board member of one of the Singapore Indian Association, become trustee of Indian self-help group and setting up trust-fund for needy children in Singapore and back home, India. Singapore need these people or...

Fact shown that Hindu marriages in any of the 28 listed temples in the island has all been performed by expatriate priests.
Singapore's 140 000 Hindus has never shown interest in becoming the head of one of the Indian religion.

For all the causes of their coming, residing and contributing towards the society, in the week of this joyous festivity, I wish all Hindus A VERY VERY HAPPY DEEPAVALI.

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