Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Food Story - The Taste of Yesteryears

Starting the first meal, brunch, with instant noodle, really turned me off. My Husband knows I do not like preparing such dish - but, that's what he wanted last Saturday.

I know of the wax content in the noodle, surprisingly, from him. Upon reading of Zewt's posting of its chemical and preservative, my mind boggles - It still does until now.
Why not? It will take 90 days of detoxification. That is, the body will only be free from the above harmful agent in 3 months' time - January 2009. Phew!!!

Upon sitting down to have a taste of the chicken and mushroom noodle, memories of schooling years came afresh in my mind -That's the kind of taste that I was willing to walk across Mount Vernon Cemeteries.

I've always like soup - but Malay food at the school canteen has none. It's only 'Mee Rebus, Mee Goreng' and those I couldn't remember but I knew not to my liking. So I ended up having halal Chinese meal, which was not common during the 70s, in Sang Nila Utama, a Malay school.


Last Saturday, My Husband and I planned to go across the Johor Bahru Causeway.
Definitely I did not cook that day. We ate at the Hawker Centre nearest to Woodlands Checkpoint.

I ordered 'Kue Teow Kuah' which retains the original taste of 'Sup Tulang Beach Road' and 'Bihun Goreng' with the flavour of the kampung era.

"Cheng Tng Panas and Ice Kacang biasa ka? " The seller asked.
I've known him since January '94.

"Yes. How much?" I asked.

"O.k. $2.00." He replied.

I gave him 4 of $1.00 coin but he returned 2 of it.

"Enough. $2.00 only. Thank you." He said and walked away.

I couldn't believe it. That's the price I paid in 1994, 14 years ago.
The taste of both drinks are still the taste of 1994.
No difference at all - The price and the taste.

I've been to places trying out many, many others' Ice Kacang but nothing beat this $1.00. No wonder the queue during lunch hour keeps on snaking.

Never mind the boggling mind.
Never mind the traffic jam with rows and rows of lorries and Bas Kilang, hundreds of cars and thousands of motorcycles we've to endure to go across the JB Causeway again.

Never mind the rain out there - The taste of yesteryears shines in me.


zewt said...

are u staying in singapore or JB, since you're using $....

this post remind me of my yesteryears too... the days when i was still in school. those days are indeed the most memorable times of our lives.

ummie said...

Both sides of the world. As Phua Chu Kang said: "...some says Singapore, JB and Batam."

zewt said...

hahaha... that fella... left a legacy.

Freddy Ashman said...

hahaha... that fella... left a legacy.