Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Children's Story - To School In Style

A forum, "Uniform Requirement In Singapore" was midway on radio 938 Live last weekend with 60 students and a group of panelists.

"... if you dislike your school because of the uniform, for the boys, you can always style your hair. Girls can always opt for earrings..." Sally, an image consultant was heard saying.

Apparently that's an answer she gave to students who dislike schooling because of the outdated attire.

Can we blame them for being into fashion?
I, for one, sometimes wonder is it another new factory came up if not for the school badge worn on them. I'll scrutinise the sophisticated collar, fanciful sleeve, fashionable cutting and the pride shown on the students wearing them.

Gone are the white blouse with sombre looking skirts. School uniforms nowadays are with the touch of fashion designer.

Mother-to-be walk into maternity boutique for them to look glowing and at her best during pregnancy.
Babies' clothing are stocked aplenty well before they are being born.
Small kids are all dolled-up from head to toe.
Teenagers have their say in dressing-up.

So, when it comes to choice of school, naturally they'll choose the most fashionable school uniform - For students who are fashion conscious and those who were dolled up since babies.

But a very heavy English-accented panelist has this to say:

"Whatever it it, Eton, the 19th century boarding school and the most expensive, has never do away with its tall hat and long tail-coat. In fact, its never short of admission."