Thursday, October 30, 2008

Reality In Denial

7 out of 10 diabetic patients in Singapore are Malays. It's the reality we are facing now.

Is it due to lifestyle? How about when a preschool toddler getting it? - The toddler's mother would shed tears comforting the child when the need for an ice-cream was not met.
The parents tried hard to reward sweets only on her birthdays.
The child has no lifestyle at all.

Facing reality is easier said than done...

An elderly lady said it's black magic.
She knows the culprit who cast the spell on her. There's 'something' placed in-front of her house.
I assured no such thing would happen to her.
Being the nearest neighbour, I would be the first witness to see such incident should it occur at all.

When she mentioned she was under the spell of one of her neighbour, I have nothing more to say - I think I know almost everybody in the neighbourhood.
They respect her as an elderly lady.

Is one of the neighbour she referred to, is me? Sigh, sigh, sigh...
I have nothing more to say. I have my respect for her as an elderly lady too...

I simply stop paying a visit to a friend's friend.
After one of her leg was amputated thigh high, her blame to God for robbing away her family life has never ceased.
Her blame to God favouring the fits continue...

But when she blamed God for favouring me over her, I simply stop the visit.
Don't blame God when we don't search our inner-self...

Last week, I paid another visit to a neighbour whom I've only known her by her name.
I've never spoken to her before.
I've seen her passing by my house but we didn't acknowledge each other.

But when she asked for forgiveness from everybody in the neighbourhood,
I have to see her.
When she asked those who visit her to convey the message to anybody they will meet,
I have to acknowledge that.

Her health has deteriorated and she knows her days are numbered.
She has prepared her inner-self afterall...


zewt said...

about 3 years ago... i was at this restaurant and at the next table was this kid... i think he was just about 7-8 year old... but his specs was already very thick... he was listening to an iPod, eyes fixed on a PSP, eating a burger and the maid was also feeding him chocolate milk shake....

i am very sure the future generation of malaysians will catch up in this diabetes path.

parents are to be blamed if u ask me.

oh... the kid's face was already like a balloon.

ummie said...

Lifestyle cannot take the blame for it's only human beings that make the life more stylish with the I have never, never having enough attitude.