Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Green Effect

I could not agree more when I came across an articles stated that people who live close to greenery are happier and... healthier.

City dwellers who live near parks and greenery enjoy better healths and fewer bouts of depression than those living in enclaves of concrete and asphalt.
- My kampung living in town is what I treasured most.

A dense concentration of trees, shrubs and flowers close to homes had the greatest impact
- The greatest joy in me at the very moment is the sweet smell of guava fruits engulfing my girl's room - The tree is just next to her window.

In urban zones where 90% of the area was devoted to green space, incidence of anxiety disorder or depression was 18% / 1000.
In contrast, in zones where there was only 10% of greenery, the incidence was 26% / 1000.
A difference of 44%
- Frankly, I can sit at the living room all day - Push aside the window curtains and there you are... Bougainvilla and petai belalang tree on the left window and palm tree with line of potted cactus and spiky plants on the right window.

The annual rate of more than a dozen disease clusters - including cardiovascular, respiratory, neurological, digestive and mental disorders are also lower 
- I start my mornings with daily greeting the sun - Each day I attend to one side of the house exterior. The morning sun with its vitamin D do great wonders to me.

The sound of sweeping crisp, dried and fallen leaves, oh... untapped rhythmic melody.

Down comes the rain, the most enjoyable moment to touch up the greens. I'll be lost in the rain.

The health boosting impact of plant life was most apparent in people who spent a lot of time in their flora-fauna neighbourhoods 
 - The first time I hear birds chirping away,
Oh... The 2 cherry trees beside my room had attracted them to my place.

When children keep asking for fishes I placed in the tank to water plants outside my boy's window,
Oh my God, the fishes keep producing more and more babies - The more the children ask, all the more smaller fishes swimming around.

When the juice of coconut fruits are used to quench thirst of neighbours and others, and being used to ward off fever
- Thank God I pass the goodness around.

But when chicken and cats are also attracted to your house, that's when more thorny and spiky greens need to be around.  


Mr. Stupid said...

Well, I totally agree with you. A life with nature around us is just beautiful.
Your daughter is lucky though. A Guava tree just outside the window? Wow! I love rain too...:)
Have a good day!:)

Ummie said...

I totally forget to pluck the ripe fruits these few days - I was too overjoyed with the very very sweet smell of the fruits whenever I'm in my girl's room.
Only after my neighbours' boys asked for some guava, sad to see there's sooo many inside the drain.

Rain, rain don't go away
Do come alternate days
Rotate your shift with sun's ray.

UstazCahaya said...

Salam Kak Ummie..

i love green and i agree with you.