Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Children Story - Dad, Love My Mum, Then Me

Dad, spend some Time with Me
Dad, You have Responsibility on Me.

Your Role as the Head of This Household
Your Role on the Family You Mould.

Parents are Two Persons I Know
My friend has one, it's a blow
Tough on his mum to lead life,
Dad, Love My Mum, Your Wife.

I Need You and Mum to Commit it
Do Built and Protect the Family Unit.
Accept the challenge, Keep the Bonding Alive
Rekindle the Flames, Bring Back Its Life.

Complete The Family, Dad
Answer Me, Dad
Don't leave My Mum alone, Dad
Be The Backbone, Dad.

Why Your Marriage Vows hard to keep?
Aren't We The Ideal Family that You Need?

You, and The Family, are all looser
When The Real Father-Figure is not here.

To Marry, to separate
Your Children suffer in their grades

In the crumbled Family that We hate
Dad, Cement Family Ties before it's too late.

Dad, Love Your Children's Mother
Dad, Be The Courageous Father.
Dad, Your Responsibility not on Mum's shoulder
Dad, Your silence is as loud as thunder.

Thank You Mum, for Your Untiring Effort

Thank You Dad, for The Plea not heard

Both Mum and Dad are Needed
For Community to be Strongly Bonded. 


jenny said...

Ohhh..that is so sweet.:)

Ummie said...

Sweet girl, Jenny.
Thanks to drop by.