Sunday, May 9, 2010

For All - Our Eyes

Pharaoh the ruler, decreed that all male sons born to his Israelite subjects should be killed.

He committed such killings because he heard the Israelites said that they were expecting the birth of a baby who would redeem them and to cause the destruction of him and his supporters.
Pharaoh wished to destroy but THE ALMIGHTY GOD's plan was to protect the Israelites.

Pharaoh took every possible precaution not to let a male baby alive among Israelites.
Male Israelite babies were to be killed but Moses was saved in the marvellous way.
Moses was saved and was brought up in the house of Pharaoh!

Moses's mother was inspired to put her baby in a basket and let the basket float in the River Nile - It did float and reached Pharaoh's palace and baby Moses was picked up and became the ruler's adopted son.

His mother's heart felt the gaping void at parting from her son, but her faith in THE CREATOR soon brought mother and son together:

"... thus we did restore him to his mother, that her eyes might be comforted that she might not grieve, and that she might know that the promise of GOD is true: but most of them do not know." (28:13).

Moses benefited his mother's milk as well as the prestige and the opportunities of being brought up in the palace, with the best teachers to teach him the Egyptian wisdom.

The mother's 'little' inspiration turned around the brutal killing episode for her son.
Moses was always in the comfort and warmth of his mother's arms - GOD's promise is always true but short-sighted people fail to understand that.

The glitter of wealth were the pride of possessions.
Wealth turned into bitterness and hearts into hardness that Pharaoh the ruler was outraged learning his subjects running away, trying to escape from his tyranny and oppression.
His subjects, the Israelites, followed Moses.

The Israelites were taken safely across the Red Sea when the seawater was divided, separated to become like a huge firm mass of 2 mountains.
'The Passover' is never disputed by all sky religions - Jews, Christianity and Islam.

Moses was inspired to strike the sea with his rod and Pharaoh, with his army, who were chasing behind, drowned.
The Red Sea became the catastrophic death-bed for Pharaoh the ruler.

Pharaoh, known as Ramses II, his body was picked up from the sea 3,500 years ago, embalmed - and the mummy is ALL FOR THE WORLD TO SEE.


A mother's heart is always heard and watched by HIM, THE CREATOR.

Take this man, Tanggang or Malim Kundang, whichever names we want to address him.

He regretted for disowning his own mother. 

The mother was terribly hurt for, after a long search for him, he chose to ignore the person who offered her most sincere prayers all the time for her son's well-being.
The thought of dismissing his mother's presence was thwarted.

His ship froze. Unable to move.

The world around him stopped for he had chose to ignore his mother's plea to acknowledge her.

He's too ashamed for having a poor mother. 
He had traded the mother's love with a princess's heart and wealth.


Seeing is believing.
See it at Pantai Air Manis.
See for youself before Mother Nature returned the son to The Owner for the land of Padang, Sumatera, is known to be full of unpredictability - Earthquake.                    


Mr. Stupid said...

This was a nice post. Moses was a great man. He had a pure heart and couldn't ignore the fact how peasants were treated by his father.
I had once seen the movie, "The Prince of Egypt". Its amazing and depicts the story perfectly.

Have a good day, Ummie:)

Ummie said...

Moses lived with his people & for his people for 120 years or so but many soon forget his teachings to remember God.
Nice day too.

TamMcfee668 said...

Nice post ~ 3Q..............................................................

Faridrashidi.Com said...


Semoga tuan blog sihat sejahtera hendaknya.

Allahhu Akbar! hati-hati dengan doa seorang ibu.

From Tanta>

Ummie said...

tx 2


Aslmalkm Ustaz,
One's life journey is made ez w his mother's bessing, God willing.

Uncle Lee said...

Hello Ummie, wow! I really enjoyed reading this interesting posting and the pics. They sure caught my attention, especially that rock looks like a man bending in prayer.
Impressive, Ummie.
Have a great Mother's day, keep well, Lee.

Ummie said...

Uncle Lee,
Make d place a must site 2 b visited d nx x u r in sea.
U'll leave d place w many unanswered questions in mind.

Anonymous said...

Ummie - nice post. Made me termenung and insaf. Janji Allah tepat.

Have a nice day ahead!


Ummie said...

It's our duty 2 spread good words & reminders around.
D coming generations will b properly informed thus we'll leave this world in gd hands.

Everyday nice 2 all of us!
Cheers :D)

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