Friday, May 21, 2010

Thanking Al-Arqam

Malaysia'a Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin yesterday has called on all family members and followers of the late Ashaari Muhammad, who died of lung infection at the Ipoh Specialist Hospital at age 73, last Thursday at 2.10pm, to accept his death, with some 1,000 people attending the funeral, and to abide by the edict banning the Al-Arqam movement that he founded.

There should be no question of the status of the movement, as the movement was banned by the National Fatwa Council on 5 August, 1994 while Ashaari was detained under the Internal Security Act from Sept 2 to Sept 24 in 2004 before he was placed under restricted residence in Rawang and later in Labuan for 10 years.

Speaking to reporters later, Home Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein said the authorities were constantly monitoring the activities of those attempting to spread deviant religious teachings. He assured the public that the Government's stand on the movement is clear. There is no reason for concern that there might be attempts to revive it.

Although I have never touched any local issues where politic and political figures are concerned, that doesn't mean I'm out of touch. This particular topic urged me to do so.

A simple person like me with only simple things in mind, sure want simplicity in nurturing and educating My Children. I did not want to tire them by attend too many classes and bored them with schools.
Preferably, everything has to be under one roof - After much survey of local all-rounders education, the answer then was pre-school set up by the Al-Arqam movement followed by early primary education with the same institution.

There's never a day that My Children wanted to skip school as they did not have to attend the religious school, a must in Johor, if they attended the normal school, and they were not sent to Qur'an recitation session, as all was taught and guided in their day class.

As a parent, loads to teach right from wrong and guiding them being dutiful and observant were much relieved off my shoulders as, as I mentioned earlier, all was taught and guided in their day class.
Even my late Mother-In-Law, a staunch Buddhist, who looked after them, admitted that My Children were her favourite Grandkids, because - They never fail to kiss her hand.
My Children were out of the institution not because of it being banned, but because of distance issues - They were not used to being away far too long.

When they were being relocated to the local government school, they were to sit for general examination - either to put them in class according to their age, or demote them as I was told, most ex-Al-Arqam students were known to slack in formal education.
I was surprised to see them bring home new bags, stuffed with school uniforms and new text-books. I called up the school assistant, who happened to be a good friend, asking what's really happening.
The answer shocked me - Ex Al-Arqam students are known to be poor, hence the assistance.

Thank GOD, My Children did not fail their ex-teachers - They obtained straight 'A's for their primary 6 and were top students in their secondary schools. My Son had one 'B' in his SPM. Other than that, it's all 'A's again.

Once, a neighbour's 18-year old son approached My Son with his remark, 'Engkau kecik-kecik lagi dah pakai cermin, nanti dah besar, mesti tebal punya cermin engkau."
To which my then 12-year old Son replied, "Pada engkau, sampai besar tak pakai cermin pun bodoh sekolah, lagi bagus aku pakai cermin pandai belajar."
I was shocked with his rude reply but that's the last time the neighbour's son was heard.

It's because of her background that makes My Daughter rather have her research done fortnightly in Kedah.

It was after the movement was banned in 1995 that a group of the Johor's SEDC's Tiram Travel Agency, stopping by at An-Nur Mosque in Woodlands on their way to Changi Airport to Mecca, was surprised for the deviation by MUIS - The pre-schoolers of An-Nur Mosque were reciting their daily Asma'ul Husna when I was stopped by one of the Tiram's jema'ah,  "Lagu tu kan dah haram. Tak boleh nyanyi lagi. Berdosa. Tv pun tak mainkan lagi." 
"Haram? Nama Tuhan haram? Habis, nama siapa yang halal?"
She gave me no answer.

The National Fatwa Council has blundered many simple-minded minds other than the above.

Looking back, Raihan, Rabbani and Hijjaz are some of the nasyid group to have their roots from Al-Arqam. The popularity of these groups make many spirits soar and souls searched and researched.

Whatever it is, Thanks Again, Al-Arqam. 


Uncle Lee said...

Hi Ummie, I was pleasantly surprised to read your MIL was a staunch Buddhist. Regret I am one, but 'staunch' not in, ha ha.
Re your this posting....I have never liked politicians...
except maybe interesting ones like Bill Clinto or Sara Palin, ha ha.
Have a nice day, Lee.

Ummie said...

Yes, she never fail to fast each 1st & 15th the lunar calender. She's a mother who always put the children first - even after they married for years.
Oh yes, too bad, Clinton in US & Uncle Lee in Canada but Sarah Palin will have many tv hours soon.
So, do not switch off the tv - She's promoting iPad, I heard.
Cheers :D)

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