Thursday, May 6, 2010

2 N 2, 2 Get Her

The Star reported yesterday, quoting Harian Metro that a 60-year-old man left his family to follow his 30-year-old woman back to Indonesia.

The man even sold off his car so that he could afford to purchase the ferry ticket back to the woman’s hometown.
His son, a Khairul, said his father had become very close with the woman in the past few weeks.

Prior to the father's being introduced to her, they used to enjoy being in a good family relationship but all's changed when the father get to know her.
The family did not rule out that the woman is using black magic on him, as he had never once acted as he's acting now - His father last contacted the family via an SMS message. He told them that he had quit his job and asked them not to look for him as he was going to Indonesia.
A police report had since been made by the family at the Kapar police station in Klang.

Now, this reminds me of an incident when I was about to go to Tanjong Katong Complex.
While I was about to cross the road junction with other pedestrians at the Lion City Hotel to the complex, one pedestrian from the opposite road at the traffic light of Tanjong Katong Complex, hurriedly crossed the road when the green man appeared.

The said pedestrian, an Indonesian lady, zoomed into the old man who stood in front of me. She outstretched her right arm to pull and shake the right hand of the man, around 60 years old.
The man, all the while, stood in front me that I had full view of what the late 20s or early 30s Indonesian lady was doing to the old man.

"Apa khabar pak?" She asked his well being as her left arm quickly gripped his full waist from behind.

The incident shocked me that I stopped to cross the road.
The old man with a puzzled face, followed her to sit at one of the bench in front of Lion City Hotel. They sat closed to each other. Very, very close.

The mysterious lady, he, in her arm, all ears with what she's whispering to him and I stood at the same spot, speechless looking at what was happening.
There's many passers-by, all to each his own. Who can I relate to, to what I had just seen.

The lady knew I kept watching her with the 'pitied man', who lost touch with his surrounding.
All he could focused was her, her, her.
I stood there for quite sometime, and all those time the man never turn his head to look straight, left or right. He looked down, engrossed with her conversation.

I left the scene with a heavy heart.
I did not go to Tanjong Katong Complex thinking of the lady who had left a bad impression of her fellow citizens in Singapore.


remgold said...

u shouldve just walked up to them and say: 'Bapak! kenapa masih duduk kat sini, mari cepat gi pasar.
'Siapa pula pompuan ni? Nyah kamu. Cepat pak, cepat.'
nanti i dah tua nyanyok, itulah yg i harapkan dari orang muda, pertolongan emergency macam ni!


Ummie said...

It's always the case of me 'shocked until freeze'. My mind goes 'blank'. Take sometimes to 'recompose myself'.
Take the kidnap case - It took me many years before I can easily relate the incident - I mentioned it @Earth day.
Until now, I have this natural fear whenever pass-by the place.

Happy Mother's Day 2 ur Mrs ;p)

Anonymous said...

Ummie - the old man was stunned and couldn't speak a word.

Am sure they will follow-up with future "meetings" and lepas tu when all his savings spent on her, the old man will gigit jari lah.


Ummie said...

Such thing is common especially when old man is associated with CPF.
At the back of my mind is his house.

I have friend who after more than 10 years, her divorce not settled - even her children ganged against her & the lady's thick-skin to boldly stay here.
Main Issue: Housing!

Mr. Stupid said...

Oh my. This is all just too scary. I wonder what the woman must have done to him for him so engrossed in the conversation.
As for the 60-year old man's story, Its just shocking!

Have a good day, Ummie...:)

Ummie said...

The man - in a world full of magic. Now he see his $, the next moment, he sees thin air.

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Ummie, I have seen these incidents couple of times in KL....and believe the women from Java or Bali. More Java and Boyanese.
They use a very powerful charm or black magic...

My auntie, she very beautiful working as a nurse and receptionist in a KL clinic was one day approached by a man, believed to be from Indonesia. She married 3 kids too, about 45, but with a body to die for.

And after that meeting she acted very strangely at home. She next day took a day off from work and met the man in PJ at a coffee house.

Fortunately her hubby who had sniffed ikan bilis somewhere, so to speak followed her car discreetly with a friend.

They used binoculars to watch them, and noticed the man giving her something to drink.
Before she could drink the glass, my uncle and his friend grabbed the man, and entertained him behind the coffee shop and threatened to burn both his eyes if he did not 'un-charm' my auntie.

He did, and my auntie woke up wondering why she was there. That man was then entertained and made to drink his own charms, all what he had in his pocket. He was later in hospital.

Yes, women and men have to beware of strangers greeting them.
You take care, and have a happy mother's day, Lee.

Ummie said...

Uncle Lee,
Tx 4 sharing. It used 2 b hearsay 4 me but now it's d closest person who relate d incident.
D man deserve his dessert - n i 4 n i.

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