Tuesday, August 24, 2010

No, Not Singapore Again!

It's Singapore again!

No kidding the Little Red Dot came up top for the second time in the recent Gallup survey on popular immigration destinations in which the island republic topped poll released last Friday.
With an impressive 18.1% GDP growth in the first half of the year, Singapore is again the most desired country by migrants.
Population would triple if all immigrants eyeing Singapore were allowed to enter minus those who want to leave.

The second-most popular destination is New Zealand, whose population of 4 million would rise by 184% and third is Saudi Arabia, with population of 26 million would soar by 176%.
Gallup researchers interviewed nearly 350,000 adults in 148 countries between 2007 and this year to calculate each country’s Potential Net Migration Index (PNMI). 
The PNMI is the estimated number of adults who wish to permanently leave a country subtracted from the estimated number who wish to immigrate there, as a proportion of the total adult population.

“While Gallup’s findings reflect people’s wishes rather than their intentions, the implications of what could happen if these desires become reality are serious considerations for leaders as they plan for the future,” said the organisation.

In that scenario, Singapore, with population of 4.8 million would have spiked up to 15 million, a whopping 219% increase.

Malaysia was the fourth most popular Asia-Pacific destination after Singapore, New Zealand and Australia, and the second-most popular in Southeast Asia following Singapore although the country missed the top 20 cut.
It is the 21st most popular immigration hotspot in the world.
The poll found that if everyone were allowed to leave and enter as they pleased, Malaysia’s population would increase by 23% to over 34 million.

At the opposite end of the scale, the populations of Sierra Leone, Haiti and Zimbabwe would fall by more than half if migrants were allowed to leave at will. 
Although many countries in Africa and Latin America showed net outflows of population, the poll showed four African countries would gain residents: Botswana, a model of successful democracy in Africa, the world’s top producer of diamonds and a leading destination for high-end tourism will see the population increase by 39%, South Africa with 13%, Zambia and Namibia, which would see 5% and 2% increase respectively.

At rock-bottom on the Gallup list is Sierra Leone, the west African country still struggling to recover from a 10-year civil war which ended in 2002.
If everyone who wanted to leave Sierra Leone could, and everyone who wanted to move there did, its population would plunge by 56%.


Newsweek  rank Singapore as the 20th on the world's best countries.

It would have the third highest score if the list didn't include the political category beside education, health, quality of life and economic dynamism.

Newsweek list of world's 20 best countries

Singapore ranked first in economic dynamism, fourth in education, seventh in health and 23rd in quality of life but 67th in political environment.

If political environment is put aside, the two countries emerge with higher scores than Singapore is Switzerland followed by Finland while at the fourth place is Japan.


In this blessed month of Ramadhan, these new immigrants join effort contributing to the needies.

Aug 22, 2010 - Integration Begins At Home: New Muslim Groups Make House Visits To Help Needy Families

Muis president Alami Musa. Photos: Straits Times

SINGAPORE'S new Muslim immigrants on Saturday delivered some 300 food hampers to needy local Muslims as part of a Ramadan charity drive organised by the Islamic Religious Council of Singapore (Muis).
Muis president Alami Musa said such a collaborative effort was the first of its kind.
'This is a good way for our new Muslim friends to get to know our local Muslims, and be immersed in our society,' Mr Alami added.
Four immigrant groups took part in the outreach event yesterday: the Turkish Cultural Centre; the Singapore Bangladesh Society; the Singapore Pakistani Association; and the Indonesian Muslim Association of Singapore.
Together, they sponsored 130 hampers. Joining them were students from Saudi Arabia and some 300 local volunteers.
The recipient families were selected from Muis' financial assistance database. - The Straits Times


Anonymous said...

Ummie - No.20 is fine with me. I dont mind the political environment cos at 3am my family goes to MacD or Simpang Bedok for makan. Incidents can happen but tawwakkaltu ajalah.

Ummie said...

That's the reason why I always stress on those who intended to move away, to put a price tag on safety: Priceless.

RoseBelle said...

Sweden and Switzerland are the two countries that keep popping up when these surveys come out. I think I last heard that they have the best quality of life there or something like that. You never hear anything bad going on in those countries. I'm not surprised at all that Singapore made it on the list. I've heard so many wonderful things about this country...would love to visit there one day.

Ummie said...

Do let me know when you finally decided to come over to Singapore.