Saturday, January 1, 2011

01 - 01 - 2011

A sort of family carnival was held at a place not far from my area to usher in 2011.
At midnight, loud fire crackers were heard for about half an hour.

Fire crackers? Yes.
Loud crackers were usually heard when a month long 'Aidilfitri were celebrated.
Hence we usually have to bear with the way past midnight loud and sharp to the ears cracking for a month too.
The Malays cracking the fire more days than the Chinese, when fire crackers were only heard for 15 days during Chinese New Year.

I did not venture out of the windows last night to look at firework display as I was watching Hong Kong revellers welcoming 2011.
Later, President Hu delivered his New Year message on China's CCTV.

Television was showing the state of Queensland went underwater and reading La Nina expected to stay until March in eastern Australia set me thinking of how Australians going to welcome 2011.
My, I was wrong!
They had grand celebration on Sydney Harbour.

Fireworks seen over the London Eye in Britain.

Back home, this morning, over 94.2fm, RZ was touching on the topic of foam party at Sentosa.

Straight away, I prayed hard that boys like Muhammad Raffiq Jaffah and Aliff Shafaein voluntarily to stay away from such and such gatherings, not wanting another familiar name hogging the daily headlines for the wrong reason.

As I was tuning the radio for news program, a man's voice caught my attention.
Datuk Noah Gadut delivering New Year message?
I listened attentively.

No, he's not.
He's the PM Najib.
Now he sounds like the Johor mufti.