Monday, January 31, 2011

The Other World - Hysterical Moments

For three days in a row, a group of students and a teacher of Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan (SMK) Tasek Utara 2, Johor Bahru had bouts of hysteria.
Last year, from Wednesday April 28 and 30, 15 Form Four female students and a female teacher, who were from separate classrooms went hysterical.

On Wednesday, the mysterious hysteria attacked three students from separate classrooms.
They were seen crying and having shouting fits.
But on Friday, another six students and a female teacher suffered the same fate.

Those who witness the incident on Friday saw a chain reaction as students were being possessed one after another.
One of them had to be held to the floor, with face bloated of anger.
The situation was at its worse on Friday when a female Form Four student, who seemed to be possessed by a spirit, threatened to jump from the third floor of a classroom block.
A group of male teachers had to hold the student down as she tried to jump off the building.

So intense was the hysteria that the school administration had to call healers from the Skudai Darussyifa' Islamic healing group to help calm the students.
The healer spoke with the spirit through one of the girls.
It said that its home had been disturbed.
They were calmed down within 90 minutes.
Fortunately none of the students or the teacher suffered any injury, as they were all pacified with the help of the Darussyifa' healers.

The hysteria was said to occur again on May 3.


In July 2009, a group of 20 students at SMK Taman Daya 2, Johor Bahru, became hysterical that created panic among those at the school.
They claimed to see apparitions which looked like pontianak (vampire) and pochong (floating ghost in white burial shroud).
They screamed in fear after seeing 'something' in the classroom.
Their screams created a domino effect and soon, other classmates also screamed in panic.

Those apparitions had been seen by some of them since April, after a group of students returned from a dance competition at a shopping mall in Kulaijaya.
The sightings usually occurred at the fourth floor of the school which housed the classrooms of Form Four students.
Staff members were quick to act to calm them down.

That was not the first incident and it makes the other students uneasy.


What causes hysteria that these students and teacher lose self-control?
What causes the mind to be unmanageable?

For the above incidents, hysteria at schools were due to the school being home to spirits, be it apparitions or other forms.
Or the reason students or teachers were susceptible nature of to be 'disturbed' or possessed by these unseen beings.
Those lacking spiritual strength make them susceptible to such intrusions.

For female Muslims who are unable to pray during their menstruation period, they are likely to be spiritually weakened during these time, thus this makes them an easy target for possession.

Sign of headcover worn by girls does not reflect spiritual strength.
To be spiritually strong, internal strength needs to be work on.

There are other causes too.
Hysteria maybe caused by humans who trespass on the spirit's or spirits' turf.
Occasionally youngsters, who liked to play outdoor late into the evening, collide with spirits or accidentally trespass into their 'home' during the few minutes before sunset.
Their homes could be disturbed.
Or these youngsters could accidentally be hitting and hurting these unseen being family members without them knowing it.

At best, try to avoid spending time outdoor, during the fifteen minutes before Magrib prayer call because that's when spirits roam around.
But the best solution is always to strengthen oneself spiritually with prayers and practising good values.

For those who believe, Al-Qur'an is the best remedy.
Aayatul Kursi, the last two verses of Surah Al Baqarah and the first ten verses of Surah Al Kahfi need to be explored.


remgold said...

why only meley moslem schools yg kena.
why not sekolah cheena or tamil? seems strange the spirits prefer to live on land with moslem meley people.
wot u tink?
or are these bumiputra hantus tak?
always strange when i tink of these phenom.

ofcoz, in the west they only attack catholic schools.
not protestant, born again type schools.
or maybe i have watched too many exorcist movies?

unkerr confused.
any theories pls.

Ibu said...

Salam Ummi
Allah pernah menjauhkan rahmatnya keatas saya dan bershukur saya tidak tersesat jauh.
Dek kerana terlampau nak cari penawar anak yg sakit kulit, saya telah tersasar dan mengamalkan pengambilan pati bunga 'AURA SERI'. Dlm seminggu bermacam2 kejadian. Anak ditekan semasa tidur & nampak benda2 yg ghaib diTekong(NS) Seblmnya tak terjadi walaupun sndirian dibilik. Saya mengalami solat & wirid2 yg terasa kosong & hambar.
Dgn kuasaNYA juga, dari internet dapat tahu mengamalkan 'AURA SERI' ini 'SHIRIK'. Saya buang dlm 'toilet bowl/longkang'. Keadaan pulih.
Saya insaf yg selama ini rahmat DIA yg meredakan penyakit anak, saya sekadar berusaha. Sudah tiba masanya untuk anak itu beramal, berusaha dan meminta rahmat untuk dirinya sendiri, Insyaallah.
Skrang kalau apa2 terjadi (yg tak suka) soal diri : Mana pergi Rahmat NYA? Kemudian muhassabah elok2. Adakah ini ujian atau balak menimpa.
Semuga dimatikan dalam iman. Amin.

Ummie said...

Mr Reme,
Maybe they are choosy hantus, or maybe they have selective memories, selecting only those with classic faith.

But honestly, it has to do with imbalance of hormone
(like post-natal blues).

My neighbour's daughter was sent home after she was 'attacked' - She saw an old lady with long flowing hair staring at her.
That was the day I knew that it had occasionally happened while My Daughter was still attending the school.

I asked the girl why My Daughter had never mention anything of such incidence.
She said these creatures only 'attacked' those with loose self believe like herself.


Ms Ibu,

Your AURA SERI reminded me of a Johor traditional practitioner whom the police is checking now.

I felt like screaming whenever I heard of somebody I knew, turned to him for 'surgery batin' as it easily cost them thousands S$.

Pulau Tekong?
That's my playground in the 70s. Used to follow my neighbours went back to their places.

I pray for your family that everybody at their best of health.

AlQuran is still the best remedy for those who believe, and sedekah works wonders.
Miracle, all I can say.

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saleh hin said...

Lol, as i thought it claim about 40+ of hysteria victim,mostly is malay and chinese, not so many also indian at smkTD2 shcool, I know it because i goes to that school watch everything happen during tht hysteria moment....

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