Wednesday, February 2, 2011

My Sisters, The Departed, And Rabi'ul Awwal

When everybody had left for their journey home across The Causeway, 'My Younger Sister' wanted to stay behind.

She was then invited to a house by an 'ustaz' who was teaching Qur'an recitation to a group of youngsters.
The house belong to one noble lady who, during her lifetime, had taught Qur'an recitation too.
I had blogged about her earlier.
She accepted the death sentence passed to her, 'on behalf' of her husband.
Her husband was the real culprit.
Anyway, she passed away due to illness.


Curious to know, I searched for a head scarf and managed to get one which My Elder Sister gave me when she returned from Palestine in the 90s.
She went to Palestine with My Younger Sister's family.

I did not go as My Family members, except Me, are Malaysians.
But I am determined that GOD willing, Palestine is in my list.


When I woke up, I heard myself reciting the last word of one of the Qur'an verse  which means 'The Great News'.
Quickly I called My Elder Sister that tomorrow, 'Maulid' is to be recited at my house as Rabi'ul Awwal has begun.
My Younger Sister never fail to celebrate Rabi'ul Awwal.
She would present herself at Madrasah AlMa'arif every night.
Even when She was home all by Herself, She would open the Berzanji book and recite the 'Maulid' while remain in standing position.

My Younger Sister knew everybody will be at My place tomorrow. 
Although She has left us eight years now, She is still part of The Family.

My Elder Sister was speechless.
Just an hour earlier, She had just called up Masjid Rahimabi at Kebun Limau Singapore, for 'waqaf' in My Younger Sister's name.

And at the same time, My Younger Sister appeared in My dream.
So that is 'The Great News'?

Never mind, My YoungYounger Sister had left Us since 2003.
But she knows what is going around.

And, this is not the first time 'such a dream' appeared whenever a deed, no matter how small it is, like just the above S$100 'waqaf' is done in Her name.
She would often appear, as and when, to inform of 'Her latest development'.


During Her stay in Singapore General Hospital, We would recite The Qur'an for Her to go to sleep.
She asked to be discharged from the hospital because chemotherapy to Her, is more painful then the cancer She had.

A day before She passed away, She asked My Eldest Sister to bath Her with Zamzam water before Her body went through the final cleansing with ordinary tap water.
Did She knew She was to die the next day?
But She is a person who is 'deaf' of any negative surrounding and 'mute' to talk about others.

Did She already see The Angel Of Death around?
I can only guess as I was at Her house when a man I knew not, went to see Her, and told us not to block the doorway as Malaikat Maut was already around.

The decision to have payer for Her body at nearby Masjid Alkaff was aborted as Her house was packed with family members, well wishers and her Pre-U students who were all eager to join the praying session.

When the prayer had just been ended, a man whom Her Husband knew not, appeared at the door, asking the body to be brought down to Masjid Alkaff the soonest possible, as many of 'his people' were waiting at the mosque to pray for Her...