Saturday, February 26, 2011

His Pleading Silent Heart Whispers

Life's now a struggle
Sobriety stumbles
Separation a silent killer
That numbs healer
The bitterness refuse to go
When the heart at its low
Relationship hallucinated
Love cemented
Marriage perfected
Alas, the
Bond... why the distance?
Feeling... why the hesitance?
Why you are pushed away
By the ego that gets into my way

Why am I not listening
Why am I always pushing
Now the heartbreaking
Attraction repels
God, living is hell
Feeling down
Daily frown
Why the abandon
Me too dependent 
Why the broken deal
The breakaway sees no heal
Dark moments of real pain
Of loss, of sadness, no one gain
The fun in the fuss
Faith, why can't you last
Why can't we just be happy
Miss the family
Miss back together You and Me
Intervention please
Touch the pleas
Is there an answer
Can the feeling be better? 
You, the hearer 
God, hear the prayer.


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