Sunday, January 9, 2011

Designer's Motherhood, Custom-Made Babies

An Australian couple, whose daughter died shortly after birth, are desperate for a baby girl.

The woman, in her 30s, is consumed by grief over the death.
She admits she has become obsessed with having a daughter.
It has now becomes vital to her psychological health.

So determined are the couple to have a girl that they recently terminated twin boys conceived through IVF.
The couple said it had been a traumatic decision to make but they could not continue to have unlimited numbers of children because they already have three sons who were conceived naturally.
The woman loves her sons but would do anything to have a daughter.

Under state law, sex selection using IVF is banned unless it is done to avoid the risk of the baby's inheriting a genetic abnormality or disease.
They have gone to the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal, which is due to hear the couple's case in March, in a bid to have the decision win the right to select sex by IVF treatment.

They say they will go to the US to conceive a girl if their test case fails.

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The world's oldest new mother never regretted motherhood and that she was pleased to hear her daughter call her “Ma”.

By becoming a mother, 72-year old Rajo Devi Lohan, from a village in Haryana, north Delhi, fulfilled her life-long dream, and brought honour back to her family after having struggled with infertility for many decades.

But after giving birth just 25 months ago, November 2008, Rajo is dying.
She is now bedridden and doesn't have the strength to lift 2-year old Raveen.
Too weak to recover from the pregnancy.

The doctor never warned her of the danger and they have no understanding of risks of giving birth so late in life.

She suffered internal bleeding and her womb ruptured after the cesarean birth.
Poverty stricken, she ignored doctor's advise to rest in bed.
Instead, she squat down everyday milking the family buffalo.

To top the pain further, she needed difficult surgery to remove an ovarian cyst.
Her body could not bear the pain of the two surgery that she has to take daily painkiller.
Her 60-year old sister has to move in with her to help look after Naveen.


After 54-years of marriage, 70-year old Rajo Devi Lohan and her 71-year old farmer husband Balla, took out almost US$3000 in loans for IVF treatments in Baddhu Patti, India, to conceive Naveen.
Rajo and her husband were said to have taken out loans their IVF daughter will never be able to pay back in her life time.

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