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Dogs, Blame And Consequences

Romanian Witches Use Spells To Protest New Taxes

Romanian witch Mihaela Minca, (right), speaks during an interview with The Associated Press as her daughter and apprentice Cassandra looks on in Mogosoaia, Romania. -- PHOTO: AP

MOGOSOIA (Romania) - SOLACE for world leaders trying to enforce painful austerity measures: At least you're not running Romania. 

Angry witches are using cat excrement and dead dogs to cast spells on the president and government who are forcing them to pay taxes. Also in the eye of the taxman are fortune tellers, who should have seen it coming. 

And President Traian Basescu isn't laughing it off. In a country where superstition is mainstream, the president and his aides wear purple on Thursdays, allegedly to ward off evil spirits. 

Witches from Romania's eastern and western regions will descend to the southern plains and the Danube River on Thursday to threaten the government with spells and spirits. Mauve has a high vibration, it makes the wearer superior and wards off evil attacks, according to the esoteric group Violet Flame - which practices on Thursdays. 

A dozen witches will head to the Danube to put a hex on the government and hurl mandrake into the river 'so evil will befall them,' said a witch named Alisia. She identified herself with one name, as is customary among witches. 

'This law is foolish. What is there to tax, when we hardly earn anything?' she said by telephone on Wednesday. 'The lawmakers don't look at themselves, at how much they make, their tricks; they steal and they come to us asking us to put spells on their enemies.' -- AP 

Source: The Straits Times, January 6, 2011


I read this with great pressure pressing the centre of my head.

Just last night I watched the news. Because of cholera, at least 45 voodoo priests in Haiti were hacked to death.
The traditional priests were accused of using their powers to spread the infection.
They were stoned or hacked with machetes before being burned in the streets.
Since the 7.0-magnitude earthquake in January 2010 that had taken of at least 250,000 lives, traditional priests had been blamed too, to cast spells and did evil things which brought the earthquake as a punishment.

Cholera outbreak had taken of least 3,650 lives, 121,000 been treated for symptoms and at least 63,500 were admitted to hospital.
Politicians were accused too.
So are United Nations' Nepalese peacekeepers who had been suspected of introducing cholera to Haiti.

Many Haitians still practise voodoo or use aspects of voodoo in their religious worship.
Voodoo arts are deeply ingrained in the superstitious Haitians but the blame game refused to bow down to awareness that cholera is a water-borne disease.
Poor sanitation contributed to the rapid spread of cholera - diarrhoea and vomiting.


This is the first time I came across cat excrement but I knew of dead dogs, black dogs to be precise.

It was the first time I went to Kak G's house after about almost six months she looked after my daughter.

I was surprised to see her changing the nappy of an invalid boy of primary school years of age.

Kak G looked after another person's child?
No. He's hers.
Her only son, beside her other very beautiful three daughters.

Her baby son was still lying on his back, unable to turn himself when he was a year old.
The only son was sent for therapy for a few years before they turn to traditional practitioner.
By then, it was a bit too late.

The practitioner told Kak G's husband, he had ran over a black dog while driving and was asked to find the dog to say sorry to the animal.
With sharpened memory, he slowly recalled the incident that had happened many years back.
He felt guilty pang piercing his heart.
He wanted to scream, voicing his guilt, but it was impossible.

So he became a silent man, paid close attention to every voices he heard in his head.
He felt chill and goosebumps.
The voices scared the living soul out of him.

His irresponsible action had made a devil out of him, and the result of his action is permanently paralysing his only son.
Muting the boy's speech and heart whispers.
Muting him too.

But now, his guilt made him see glowing red eyes of a dog, circling him, disappeared and reappeared.
The injured? dead? black dog is now haunting him.
He never thought it would happen to him but it did.
Every time he went to work, the black dog reminded him of frightening moments, of him paralysing his son, of him wretching his son's future, that he tendered his resignation.


He heard of cracking noise as he drove downhill.
When he looked back from the mirror, he could see a black hump covered in blood in the middle of the road.

In a blink of an eye, a black dog was injured.
Or dead maybe?
He was shocked realising the pain, the injury or maybe the death that he had cause, although he had seen no dogs before he drove off.
He saw no dog, or even its shadow, blocking his path.
Occasionally there were dogs weave in and out of stationed cars and loitering at Bukit Timbalan, JB, as there were many Chinese staying at the nearby shop-houses in the 80s.

He could not believe his eyes.
His whole body was trembling and his legs shaking.
He felt like he was being suspended in the air.
He could not feel the car under him.
It was almost dark, so he did not turn back to nurse his victim.
Officer workers had all left and nearby folks were not out anymore.
Even though it was not weekend, Bukit Timbalan seemed like haunted every time darkness set in.

He thought nothing about consequences.
Still, he dare not look back fearing of seeing the dog wriggling in pain.
He rushed home, looked straight ahead without looking at the sides of the deserted downhill lane, fearing of seeing any witness...


Although Patrick Swayze of 1998 Black Dog is no more around since September 14, 2009, the blog here is a good read.

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