Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Calling Of The Penang Bridge

"Where will I be if I were to jump off Penang Bridge? Heaven or Hell?"
She asked me this afternoon.

As her husband was approaching the 8.4km bridge, she started to have difficulties in breathing.

Daily activities kept rewinding in her mind:
Wake up early morning,
to the baby sitter to send daughter,
to work,
fetch daughter,
go home,
and the cycle continues forever...

How to run away from the cycle?
A lady suddenly appeared in front of her, pointing to the sea,
jump off the bridge...

Something black in her head press her with great pressure that it affected her breathing.
How to overcome the breathing difficulties?
Somebody had placed a knife on her chest,
commit suicide...

The cd in the moving car on Penang Bridge which was reciting Yaasiin made her hair stood up.
It gave cold sweat and goose pimples all over her body.

She was only herself when her husband azan, calling for prayer, loudly into her ears that she vomited, according to her, her saliva, but as thick as gum... 

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