Monday, October 24, 2011

Gaddafi's Wealth And Harun Ar-Rasyid's Drinks

69 year-old Muammar Gaddafi's 42-year rule had ended.
He was found and being pulled out from a sewage drain.

Reports suggest that Gaddafi apparently had an estimated over US$200 billion, spread in bank accounts, real estate, corporate investments and gold, hidden away around the world.
He has some US$125 billion more than Mexican businessman Carlos Slim, whom Forbes estimates to be the world's wealthiest person.
Gaddafi had an Airbus A340 private jet.
It was used to repatriate Abdul Baset Ali Al-Megrahi, upon his release from prison in Scotland in 2009.

Eight-month uprising in Libya is hoped to end, with the ruler's horrible death.
After his death, Gaddafi's body was laid on a mattress in a cold storage, in an old meat store on Friday.
The place was formerly used for meat and other produce in Misrata's old market area.

Gaddafi was discovered hiding in a drainage culvert under a roadway.
The fallen strongman was dragged, beaten, and pushed around, but very much alive when he was found.
He was losing a lot of blood and his aged body could not bear with it.
He was begging for mercy.
The desperate Libyan leader begged for his life by offering gold and money before he was killed.
He was willing to offer anything in exchange for his life - Money and gold exchanged if his life was spared.

Instead of talking about money, as a Muslim, he was told to pray for his soul to be entrusted to God before dying.
But he just kept saying he was ready to give away his lots and lots of money and gold.
He kept pleading for life despite being ridiculed.
He was reminded to pray like a good Muslim before dying rather than lowering his self-esteem.


Khalifah Harun Ar-Rashyid, born in Rey, Iran, between 763 - 766, was the fifth Abbasiyah ruler in Iraq, from 786 to 809.

He was intellectually, politically and militarily resourceful.
During his reign, scientific, cultural and religious prosperity were significant.
Baghdad flourished into the most splendid city of its period. 
He established the legendary library Baitul Hikmah, or House of Wisdom.

The ruler often asked for advice from his men, from time to time.
There was once when Khalifah was sitting in his palace court when he became very thirsty.
He asked for a glass of water.

An eminent preacher, Ibn Sammaak, who was then visiting Khalifah Harun Ar-Rasyid, asked the ruler,
'If he is in the heart of the desert anywhere in his kingdom, 
and he is about to die from thirst 
and is refused that glass of drink, 
would he bargain for it with half of his kingdom?'

To that question, Khalifah said `Yes.'

After finishing the drink, Ibn Sammaak followed up with another question,
'If that water stopped in his bladder due to some sickness, 
then Khalifah is unable to discharge the drink from his body, 
would Khalifah be paying another half of his throne just to be able to extricate it?'

Again, Khalifah answered, `Yes.'

Ibn Sammaak then said,  
"The kingdom is worth one glass of water. 
So is the urine that is produced from it. 
What use is it to be proud of immense wealth!"

When Khalifah Harun Ar-Rasyid heard this statement, he went silent before he cried out loud fearing GOD.

Khalifah should show gratuity, not pride,with the kingdom he was entrusted to.
Khalifah should not be deceived by his whole kingdom which he valued it to just his double glass of water.

What does Khalifah desires from his throne, when he himself, equates it to what he had drank and just relieved.

Nights and days, we drink and we relieve ourselves, without GOD asking anything in return.

The World, With Whatever In It,  Has No Value
When It Is Devoid Of Faith. 

When Faith Is Lost, 
So Is Inner Peace.

If Inner Peace Has No Soul,
It Is Not Enlivened By HIM
WHO Enlightened Whoever HE Pleases.

Pleased With Living Lives
Living With Faith 
The Very Substance Of Inner Peace.


mamasita said...

A very thought-provoking posting.
And a few priceless lessons and precious reminders that we humans always tend to take for granted..
Thanks Mie.

Wan Sharif said...

Thank you for sharing especially the glass of water part :)

Ummie said...

Greed, when cultivates, will result lost in faith.
Faith, when instilled, HIS Bounty is Eternity.
Those two men had shown.