Saturday, October 22, 2011

Nyai Roro Kidul In JB ?

N* had resumed her work.
She called me yesterday, promising to massage my feet for free.

She had been experiencing breathing difficulties for the past three months.
Even after several visits to the doctor, the breathing problem did not go away.
There is nothing wrong with her, according to the doctor.
She was not able to go to work, even to perform her daily prayers, for that three months.

Two weeks ago, she experienced suffocation.
Then she was not herself.

Nyai Roro Kidul painted by Basuki Abdullah  

The spirit of Nyai Roro Kidul had entered her body.
Nyai Roro Kidul, that legendary 'Ratu Laut Selatan', Queen of the Southern Sea of Javanese mythology, is in JB?
Hard to believe, I said, during the first time I heard about it.

She claimed that the Sultan of Yogyakarta, Hamingkubuwono (1 - 10? Or only one of them? I did not ask) is her husband.

Nyai Roro Kidul has other different names too.
Sometime, she is referred to, as 'Gusti Kanjeng Ratu Kidul'
To the royal palace, 'Keraton' of Surakarta, she is 'Kanjeng Ratu Ayu Kencono Sar'.

My Late Father used to tell stories of her, which I had mostly forgotten by now.
But N's incident reminded me of a documentary I watched few years back.

A group of university students went to make their own research on Nyai Roro Kidul.
They went to Samudra Beach Hotel at Pelabuhan Ratu in West-Java.
Roro Kidul's green room, numbered 308, is well kept.

They were supposed just to make a visit, without touching any items that is in the room.
But one of the student, just took the comb that was placed in-front of the mirror, and started combing his hair, without prior permission from the caretaker.

Not long after, putting on a green T-shirt, he told one of his friend that he was going for a walk into the sea.
The friend who watched him from the hotel room  felt uneasy.
The said friend walked not along the beach, but he walked straight to the vast ocean, as if heading towards someone.
His dead body was later found by the search and rescue team in the sea.

It is a well-known legendary fact that Nyai Roro Kidul has always like green.
Men putting on green at the beach, most likely, will be pulled towards the sea and swept away by waves.
A number of them were never found, believed to have become her slaves.


Last Saturday, the spirit of Nyai Roro Kidul  was in N again.

She came, accompanied by the beat of 'Kuda Lumping' or 'Kuda Kepang' as it is known here.
Claiming herself  to be a Buddhist, many of her generations had become well-known, living their lives helping others.
One of them is now with a church, living his good and rich life in Jakarta.

Although N is a Muslim, it is ok for her, as N is her seventh generation.
She chooses N because of her good-heartedness, that makes Nyai wanted to help her to help others.

She warned N's husband, she would go after him if he is to mistreat N.
She touched many issues of N's marital lives.

She knew N wanted to return to Solo this coming Eidul 'Adha.
She named N's relatives back home, whom N has to meet.

She spoke at length non-stop, for more than two hours, of N's good deeds.
Now, Nyai will stay in N's body, never wanting to leave her again.
Nyai said, N has many known 'friends' who envy her.


It was the third time that the spirit of Nyai Roro Kidul entered N.
Whenever Nyai entered her body, it was almost deathlike experience for N with excruciating pain and suffocation.
She was unable to perform her daily prayers.

N just wanted to lead a normal life, massaging others.
It is all true what Nyai had said.
She did not deny that she is the seventh generation of Nyai Roro Kidul.

But N knows that whatever goodness had Nyai, her earlier generation, had brought to her - bear in mind - the spirit of Nyai Roro Kidul is a Buddhist.
Whereas N is a practicing Muslim.                    


mamasita said...

Ummie! Your story is so 'menyeramkan'.. documentary yang mengasyikkan and menakutkan..*goose pimples*

Ummie said...

Whatever it is, even how rich her that relative in Jakarta, that's not N's yardstick.
Her priority is her 'akidah.

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Ummie, very interesting. First time I read about this.
You have a nice day.