Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Wicked Mother-In-Law At Work

While placing one of his finger at Tina*'s neck, Ustaz recited his selawat.
Tina's facial expression showed she was cringing with great pain, her eyeballs looked up, her four limbs were all struggling.
She had started the opening of her silat, the Malay self defence.

"Engkau siapa? Siapa hantar engkau? Kenapa kacau Tina?" 
Ustaz continued with her ruqyah verses.
Questions after questions, verses after versus from the Qur'an were recited.

The jinn inside Tina could not take the  life threatening episode any longer.
It began to cry and promised to leave Tina's body.
Ustaz told the unseen being if it is to disturb Tina again, Ustaz will seek GOD's permission to kill it.

After Tina was better, she said she kept seeing the dukun who used to visit her mother-in-law.
As far as she knows, the traditional Malay healer is only a family friend.

But she was in a suspicious environment not long after marriage and staying with her in-laws.
Many frightening dreams and incidences had happened.
Worst of all, a great weight had blocked her breathing.
She was always at the brink of death.   

The first night at her in-laws' house, Tina already had nightmare.
Sleep disturbances were frequent, until they moved to their own home.
If not, she would often feel the presence of her husband beside her, although she knew that he was still at work.

Tina was not allowed to prepare morning coffee for her husband, nor preparing dinner for the family.
She knew, she had seen without her mother-in-law's knowledge, that the mother would blow into the plate of hot rice from which her husband will then eat.
She found it odd upon checking the kitchen cabinet, there were portions of sugar and salt, tied in small plastics.


The jinn inside Tina had agreed to become a Muslim.
After syahadah was recited for the conversion, it is not supposed to return to its master.
It will stay at the 'said' mosque where it will have to attend tazkirah, learning to become a better GOD's creature.
It is not to become human's slave.


"Ummie tak bawak balik ke air tu? 
Dah puas cari dalam kereta. Tak adalah."
Tina asked about the water that Ustaz had asked her to bath with.
I knew I did not bring it home with me.

She called Ustaz asking about the matter.
He said that the jinn's owner had send 'someone' to take it away.
The owner was furious knowing her slave has turned against her.

In the meantime, Tina is to recite Ta'aawuz a thousand times daily, and
Laa Ilaaha Illallaah.Wahdahu Laa Syariikalah.
Lahul Mulku Wa Lahul Hamd.
Yuhyii WaYumiit. WaHuwa 'Alaa Kullii Syai'in Qodiir.

Tina knows her mother-in-law always wanted her dead.
Often her husband's nephews and nieces told her that their grandmother likes this particular someone to be her daughter-in-law.
Until today, all family members know that the grandmother still harbours her dream.       


mamasita said...

Sad..such people still exists..I thought such MILs are long dead and gone..:(

MushroomCute@Mariea said...

Astaghfirullah....mengucap panjang tahu ada lagi insan yang macam tu di dunia ni. Tidak redha dengan qada' dan qadar Allah kah?

Ummie said...

I thought too, that such MIL is long dead and gone.
Even Allahyarhamah Normadiah yg often act mak tiri kat wayang did not come close to it.
(In reality, the late actress is a good person till her last breath. AlFaatihah).


Tina*'s FIL saw her as his own daughter.
So, the MIL can only perform her "work" after his death.
Everyday, she'll do crazy things to Tina.

katrina said...

Nak mencari jodoh sekarang bukan saja kena merisik pasangan masing2 tapi family tree juga, takutnya - to have these people around you!

Ummie said...

MIL dia pi tengok orang, dok tanya macamana anak dia kalau dah kawin nanti.
Bila dapat khaba' husband ikut kata bini, mulalah MIL buat 1001 perangai.