Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Wonders Of Aayatul Kursi

I have had my daughter in early 20s.

During my confinement period, I used to dream of an extremely thin vampire,  pontianak, craving for my blood.
All the time whenever I suddenly woke up from having such dream, my mouth would still muttering Aayatul Kursi.

I had blogged earlier that the house that I rented during the 80s, its Javanese owner is said to possess a bad spirit right up until her death.

She refused to look at me even on her death bed.

But my then neighbour, who was with me visiting my landlord in hospital, when she held the old lady's hand, it was as if a very strong surge of current flowing into her body.
From then on, it was a long three-year battle of treatment from seeing her very own mirror reflection just skeletal frame without flesh and skin.


After I get to know and understand sickly S closer, beside the prescribed  medication and the varieties health supplement she consumes daily, I encouraged her to find alternative treatment too.
That was more than ten years ago.

Her cave-in shoulders, acute asthma and other ailments is a great concern for me.


S is learning Qur'an reading from my friend.

Although her husband is a well known figure in the local community, S is a  reserved individual, not opening herself to others, shy of others knowing and discussing her state of health.

It affects her head too.
She is extremely slow, that is fine.
But she is shy to let others know.
So she would go to my friend's house after others left.

My friend has great concern for her too.
She too encouraged her to find alternative treatment that GOD Willing, will improve her health, and her Qur'an reading.
She is still at the first few pages of the Qur'an when others had completed the whole Book and had started all over again.

After weeks of persuasion, at long last, S agreed on the alternative treatment.
But on condition, no one is to know of her undergoing such treatment.

During the first treatment when Aayatul Kursi was read to her, she put out both hands, and another voice in her suddenly shouted and demanded: "STOP!!!"
S said she felt extreme heat in her body...

This morning, when I called my friend asking about S, she is delighted.
GOD willing, S will very soon catch up others with her reading...                         


MushroomCute@Mariea said...

Alhamdulillah...gembira dengar S semakin baik... Ayat Kursi mmg mujarab. Saya juga amalkannya selalu...

Ummie said...

Wonderful you!
My neighbour, a sailor, use it for body heat in the middle of the sea.

Wan Sharif said...

Thank you for sharing your experience in relation to the AyatulKursi.. there are ample hadiths on "the Ayah" but your peronal experience is priceless! ;)

Ummie said...

You are welcome.
Satans were expelled out of Madinah because of the ayat.
Hoping this tiny effort will benefit others too.