Thursday, November 26, 2009

The Haj Story - 9th Dzulhijjah

9th Dzulhijjah today, I waited for Astro to show wukuf live from Arafah, only to realise that it's shown at 3pm.

9th Dzulhijjah, Tarwiyah Day (The day Prophet Abraham a.s. dream that he needed to sacrifice his son, Prophet Esmael a.s. It was a test from God of his faith. The sacrifice was later changed to sacrificing of sheep).

9th Dzulhijjah, 6th March, 632 AD, Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. gave his last sermon during his one and only Hajj Pilgrim the foot of Jabal Rahmah.

9th Dzulhijjah, 2001, I was at Arafah reciting Maulid (life story of Prophet Muhammad s.a.w.) with the group from Murad Travel. It was Asar time when the Maulid ended. Not wanting to be part of the people who congested the public toilet, with a Chinese convert, we recited the Quran.

While reading, the smell of fresh citrus lime engulfed the whole tent we were sitting in. Looking at each other, we knew it's not us as we were in ihram (forbidden from any worldly niceties).

Just then, 'swish swash', kind of big people with long robe walking, can be heard (not seen) entering the tent crossing it. The person 'entered, left' and leave a stronger lime smell that's undescribable.

9th Dzulhijjah, 2005, I assumed such incident to happen again, sans.

9th Dzulhijjah 2009, I can only connect myself with wukuf at Arafah with Astro.

9th Dzulhijjah worldwide, is the day where sincere prayers will be answered.

Oh Allah, here I come...

Labbaikallaah humma labbaik
Labbaika laa syariikala labbaik.

Innal hamda wan ni'mataa laka walmulk
Laa syariika lak.