Friday, November 27, 2009

Inner-Mongolia Remembered

Allaahu Akbar 3x
Laa Ilaaha Illallaah
waLlaahu Akbar

Allaahu waLillaahil Hamd.

Eidul Adha is here again.

This year we have our qurban in Cambodia.
But qurban best remembered was in 1999, Inner Mongolia, China - Of many places we attended, be it in Malaysia, Singapore or Indonesia.
China really left many sweet memories.

The men's features we saw were identical to those sketchers of Mongolian worriers.
The skilled handling of weapons, this time the sharpened knives, drives a shiver up your spine.
The skinning done on more than 120 sheep took less than half a day for them.

Nothing was left to waste.
School girls immediately took the sheepskin to wash and left to dry under the sun.
The skins will late be sold and money earned will be funded to their madrasah.

Every bicycles left the slaughter scene with a sheep head placed in front of the bicycle.
Initially it was a frightening sight to see the bodiless head with eyes looking at your way.

The last few persons that left to clean up the place, scrapped up the frozen blood that has turned to ice due to snowfall and yes, the sheep's stool too was not left behind.
It will be made into fertiliser.

What a green earth we should follow.

It's a great contrast to all sheep heads being buried here.
Nevertheless, the giddy smell stretched for days and extendable to weeks.