Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Maid Story - A Multi-Tasking Girl

Maid In Singapore (2)

I was at Changi International Airport early yesterday morning to see My Sister's helper left for her hometown in Demak, Indonesia.
My Sister went to Australia the same night.
But seeing the helper flying off is of more importance to Me than seeing My Sis going Down Under.

Somehow, I just felt indebted to her.
Yes, Suri* is My Sister's maid.
I should have been more thankful to My Sister than the maid.
But then, certain things happened are just beyond what we could imagine.

The simplest thing Suri did whenever she get her salary is to call up My over 70-year old Mother, telling My Mum she received her pay.
She will then ask My Mum if she could get anything for My Mum before she dropped-by at  My Mum's place.

Now, I don't think if any of My Siblings, nor Me even, could ever be so thoughtful in calling out Our Mother, the very moment We drew Our salary.
Suri's thoughtfulness is what I'm touched with.

In the 3 years Suri is a maid to My Sis, she's a fast learner in receipe My Mother taught her, beside following cookbooks and her own creation.  
After the completion of her tailoring class, her craving for knowledge let My sister to permit her continuing her post secondary school study.
She left her hometown after SMP in secondary school, to come to Singapore.

In between her role as a maid and a student, Suri juggled her time well.
Seeing her is just seeing My Girl, around her age, although My Girl is not as multi-tasking as her.

Nevertheless, both are the best of friends, SMSes between them.

Suri will be back in two weeks time.
GOD willing, I'll be at Changi International Airport to welcome her back.
She'll resume herself as a maid and a student as she has 2 more papers to sit.

I sincerely prayed that Suri passed her examination and enrolled herself in university.
That's what she wished for whilst in Singapore.
That's what she wanted Us to pray - For her success.
She needed and asked all the blessings and prayers from people all around her.

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