Friday, November 13, 2009

London??? (Our) Bridge Is Falling Down

I was tuning in, to British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) the previous night when the radio was airing about "Collapsed Bridge" in Europe, In South America.

Alas, they weren't saying about our recent "Collapsed Bridge" in Perak which resulted in 3 innocent girls' life being suddenly snapped away. And the said bridge is ONLY 2 WEEKS OLD.

But as I read Masterwordsmith's posting, even before she could posted her article, her London friends had already skyped talking about the incident.

What a 1World, 1Country we are living in with 1News we hear.

Even how scheduled we are, nobody can schedule their last day on earth. But such incident happening is a horror story to relate.

The reason why bridges are built are to close a great gap that divide 2 sides. If I were them, I'll feel the eeriness and the unpredictability when crossing the suspensed bridge high above the Kampar River with the world out of my control.

But I pray they were not. Not afraid to fall down, down, down the river. Fear not of the unpredictability.

After all, why bridges are built are to bring us to the other side.

Yes, the said bridge is a metaphor... It really brought them to another world. And now... they are crossing a rainbow bridge that will bring them to heaven.