Sunday, November 29, 2009

Man-Made World

The first 2 man-made worlds I knew was the Great World and New World, somewhere around Geylang / Kallang. It has seen its days in the money-making world. Does the 2 worlds still exist today? I'm not sure.

And as I attended school, there's '7 Wonders Of The World'.
Hey, at least I've been to 1 - The Great Wall Of China - There's a certificate awarded to climbers who reached the top. I tried to reach, but the air's getting thinner as we climbed higher.
As I stepped down the steps, I wondered how's the situation like in those days, people laboured themselves to death for the benefits of the generations to come.
A very big thanks to them. May GOD bless all their souls in heaven.

The 70's song Wonderful World is definitely beautiful to hear. It's occasionally aired on radio Class 95, I'll check it in You Tube later.

The greatest of all man-made world today, is Dubai World. It really sent investors out of this world.
The ripples it caused even shivers my spine. The whole world's stock-exchange crashed when the announcement was made that Dubai World will postpone to another 6 months for debt payment of US$80 billion (US$80 000 000 000).

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