Saturday, November 28, 2009

Terms & Conditons Used

"...Japan is in deep deflation..." Radio news 938 Live 2 days ago.
Oh, no. Not another new term which will take me 'quite sometime' to understand the meaning.

'Inflation' is the term used in the 21st century (?). Now, 'deflation'.

The first time I heard 'thesaurus' being mentioned, I asked myself if it's another dinosaur's species just discovered or I wasn't aware of the existence all these while.

Then I came across 'LOL' in many, many comments in blogs I read. It just doesn't make sense to connect LOL to shipping lines (similar to NOL). Then another AOL. Then another ROTFLMAO. Oh, my...

To differentiate 'pandemic' from 'epidemic' (the 1st time I heard was during the SARS period), I have to do lots of 'Straits Times' reading. I did not bother to look up Oxford (mine - old edition).

It took the then-Prime Minister (or was it the MM, if memory serves me right) to tell Phua Chu Kang to speak proper English. His Singlish was 'taken-up' by storm. Students and Singaporeans alike were all speaking the 'in' language. His sitcom made me wanted to reach home early before 8pm.

Between outlook and intelligence, I would go for the latter. That's what I see in Gurmit Singh.

Even though I knew that I did not know so much (I'm not stupid, but slow and blur most of the time), it saddened me to always observing that same style of answering tv interviews.

"So,... saya akan jadikan bidang lakonan, nyanyian, model (etc. etc...) sebagai 'carrier' saya."

Phua Chu Kang 'sure to fire back': "Sure or not, you want to become a bag. Don't want to work meh?"

Or, should I 'fire back' those who want to 'show-off' their spoken English to me, when answering phone-calls, telling the other party that they are on their way:
"Ok! Ok! Ok! I sekarang UNDERWEAR."