Friday, November 20, 2009

Sacrifice Yourself - Succumb To Pressure

After 6 long years of waiting, at last, Dian is carrying a baby which will be arriving in 5 months time.

But will the arrival be of much fanfare now?

Dian didn't go to work on that 'fateful' day. She wasn't feeling well so stay cooped at home. While searching for motherhood magazine which she put away in the storeroom, she stumbled upon an unfamiliar photo-album.

While browsing through the photographs in the album, she fainted.

She woke up to find herself in a hospital. Her husband was away in Batam on his 'business-trip'. Luckily her mother was in the house when the incident happened.

The husband came home 2 days later, a day after she was discharged.

The completed album of her husband with a baby was on the bed. Should he deny?

He admitted, after years of pressure from family and friends, he succumbed to having another family in... yes, Batam - A year ago.

What's going to happen next?

Should she move on with this family life?

Should she move on with her own life?

Should she give in to the other lady's life?

Should _____

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