Sunday, January 8, 2012

Acknowledgement From The Grave

We gathered at my eldest sister's place for breakfast last Saturday, 31st December, 2011.
My daughter, her husband and their 10-month baby, flew in from Subang, that very morning to join in the birthday celebration of her cousin.
After zohor, they were sent to the airport to catch their 3pm flight home.

All those while, my brother-in-law did not get out from his bed, even when his and my siblings with their families, gathered together at his house.
He had been on the bed for the past few days.

"Lain kali, bawak pergi hospital," 
my auntie sound my eldest sister.

"Tak pe, dah tak de lain kali lagi."
I told my auntie.

The next morning, 1st January, 2012, Nora*, who is with my mother, called to say my brother-in-law had passed away at 8am.

My brother-in-law, who has only a son, loves my daughter as his own.
He himself, would stock the fridge with my daughter's favourite food, whenever she's in Singapore.
He was a very proud parent on my daughter's wedding day, as it was celebrated at his house too, beside Johor Bahru and Putra Jaya.


When my sister, my daughter and I attended a wedding in Shah Alam around 3 years ago, it was during that time that we knew, my sister's late principle's grandson is attending UM as my daughter.
My sister knew her late principle's family well.

Then as fate want it to be, although both are still students until now, wedding preparation was made for them within a short time frame.
My son-in-law is about to complete his Master, and my daughter, by pass it, is now doing her PhD.

For these, I am forever thankful to my daughter's parents-in-law.
They support them in persuing their studies.

The mother, a professor at a local U, renders her full support for their goals.
She had underwent that family live living oversea as student.
So, she understands well, how both of them are living their lives now.

They were in Singapore again the next day, 1st January, 2012, when they heard about my brother-in-law.


My eldest sister called last Thursday.
She said, she was still on her 'sajadah', when the late Ustaz Taha ( here and here ) appeared, offering her gift.

She asked him what it was, to which he said,  
"Kan saya baru dapat cucu." 

He just has had a grandchild. 

Yes, my daughter is his grandchild-in-law.
Her grandmother-in-law is Ustaz's sister, the late Ustazah Sa'adah Suhaimi.


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