Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Not-So-Real Asatizah At Work

"Kenapa ustazah tak tunjuk saya rumah kosong ni dari awal?" 
I kept my silence to his question.

Ustaz was upset that the empty house, with rubbish strewn all around, is the dwelling place of many unseen beings.
"Mari masuk sini, ustazah. 
Saya tunjuk mana tempat dia duduk."

The sun had settle down.
It was already dark, so I did not go beyond the front door with a big basin of salt in my hands.

"Tina pengsan lagi."
Tina's mother came to tell the condition of her frequent fainting daughter.
She lugged along another big bundle of salt.

After Ustaz did his work at the common big dumping bin placed not far from the entry into the house,
"Ada lagi satu rumah kosong sebelah dengan dapur."

Hearing that, he looked at the reduced salt supply and said, let the father do the same thing to that house.


I had told Ustaz many times, I am no ustazah.
Just a family friend who sees and shows support when another family being tested.
I feel out of place to be called ustazah, but he insisted calling me so.


I had, on many occasions, watching Tina being 'ruqyah' by Ustaz.
Although Al-Qur'an is in his heart, I was needed to check on his recitation.
He recited not from quotes of verses from the Qur'an, but the whole Surah, even if it is the 286 verses of the Al-Baqarah at one go.

His speed?
Faster than movement of my eyes to check the prints on the Qur'an.


Yasin used to be my daily Surah before I proceed to continue my reading during my free days.
Ustaz told me to continue Yasin with the first page of the next chapter, As-Saffaat.
When I asked him why, he said, just do as I told you.
If you ask again, I'll add more to your reading.
I stopped there and then.


I was supposed to follow Tina's family travelling northwards, back to their hometown, on the third week of December.
Ustaz wants Tina to lead a normal life once again.
She will pinpoint places where she often saw during her 'ruqyah' session.

Since my daughter was in Singapore and there were many weddings, I went downwards instead.


In Penang, Ustaz needed someone to check on his recitation.

Ustaz is not a real Ustaz.
I just called him so, as he has, and is imparting knowledge to me.
Whoever I get his or her knowledge from, they are my Teachers.
For that, I am forever grateful.
Al-Faatihah to these people after my prayers.

He did not attend any formal education institution, as I was told.
It is just that, he feels compelled to assist others in need.
He has been doing so for the past 60 years, just like his ancestors from Hadramaut, in Yemen.
It is in his blood.
He often check on Tina whenever he passed by Johor Bahru on his way to Singapore.


As he put it, others looked down on him, upon knowing of his educational background.
He was advised to be extra careful with his recitation and tajwid.
He said, about 5 or 6 'hafiz' who had studied in 'pondok' in Kedah was invited to witness what this Arab will be doing and reciting.

When the 'ruqyah' session started, these 'hafiz' took him lightly, because of his educational background, compared to them.
He is just another outsider trying to outwit Tina's family and those around him.

But when he continuously reciting one Surah after another at lightning speed, people began to come forward, volunteering to be scanned too...

Few days after he returned to Batu Pahat, I called him.
He was still without voice.
Too many 'ruqyahing' those in Penang.                                                

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