Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Of Clay And Polong

I had, on many occasions, told Tina*, to 'berbakti pada tanah', do some good to the earth that we step on everyday. 

'Macamana?' she asked, 

'Macam tanam pokok, cabut rumput, sapu, bersihkan halaman rumah.'

'Kenapa?' she was curious at my suggestion.

'Kita ada interaction dan buat baik pada makhluk TUHAN yang tak pernah buat dosa, dia do'akan kita. 
Makhluk yang tidak ada dosa, do'anya cepat makbul.'


My curiosity with the soil arose when I was in Bantul, Indonesia, after an earthquake.
After the sun had set, some traumatic old man and woman, barefooted, would climb up higher ground to spend their nights, sleeping among the graves.

Their close interaction with mother nature, walking barefooted, pricked the inside of me.
No wonder all of them are slim, no one store excess body fat in their bodies, unlike my civil servant relatives, whose sandals and slippers kind of creating that 'modern looking societies' - excesses in the body.

Mother earth will extract the 'unwanted' and toxin trapped in us.
That's the reason why in religion, we are needed to use clay, 'tanah liat', when in contact with 'najis mughallazah'.

Many written articles I've came across, about those cancer suffers who has had their miracle cure, when they  spend their time doing gardening, sitting or lying on open fields...


Last Christmas, Tina's family was out.
Her mother brought her sister's family from Perak, picnicing  at Desaru.

Tina called, asking me to accompany her.
She was being followed by polong the night before.

To entertain that family from Perak, they all went to Danga Bay for dinner.
Her uncle was smoking his cigarette.
Somehow, a stray polong, disowned by its owner, followed the trail of the cigarette smoke.

It aimed Tina amongst all, in her uncle's company.
Since many of the creature's friends are in Tina's body, the weakest among all, it followed her home.

Polong owned by someone, is said to be fed with blood.
But the strayed ones, I'm not sure.

Tina was possessed at 1am, and was sent to seek for a cure at that wee hour.
I've been blogging a lot about Tina, sincerely not to shame her, but to share the first time experience of being in an entirely different world.
Things happened are all an eye opener for me, realising the vastness of GOD's creation.
The realisation in me, being handicapped, with almost nil knowledge of HIS, makes the need in me more, to study more of his other beings.


The healer took some clay and rub on Tina, who was still under possession.
She scolded him, saying she's made of fire, and nothing will make her compromising herself with the dirty soil.

When the real Tina came around, she was asked to 'mandi selut', cover herself with clay, or any clean earth, it does not matter.

The topic of 'berbakti pada tanah', doing good to the earth we step everyday, now make sense to Tina.
But whenever she was covered with soil, there is an usual great resistance from the inside of her, always fighting with her inner self, often she found herself grasping to breathe.

Praying for the day when all those unseen beings will go away.    

And We have certainly created you, [O Mankind], 
and given you [human] form. 
Then We said to the angels, 
"Prostrate to Adam"; 
so they prostrated, 
except for Iblees. 
He was not of those who prostrated. 

[ Allah ] said, 
"What prevented you from prostrating when I commanded you?" 
[Satan] said, 
"I am better than him. 
You created me from fire and created him from clay." 
- Al-A'raf: 11 - 12


mamasita said...

Ya Allah Mie..another brilliant goose pimples posting!

Thanks for reminding me to just laze by the beach..under the tree and watch the big beautiful sky..:))

Ummie said...

Tina* had made me to explore a little more of HIS Knowledge
& study more of HIS Creations,
in order to let her lead a normal life.

Wan Sharif said...

mandi selut ya.. suatu benda yabg baru saya ketahui ;)

Ummie said...

agak2 berkubang dalam lumpur pun boleh agaknya kot.
tadi tanya, kalau pakai yang orang guna untuk tayammum, orang tu kata, tak jalan.
asalkan dari bumi, dia cakap, ok.

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