Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Salt, Clorox, And A Ball Of Fire

It had been 2 months since I last visited this space.
I had not been going on silent mode though.
In fact, still full gear, but in another space, most of the time.

Few nights ago, at around 10pm, I spotted a big ball of fire flying across the night sky in Pelantik area, in Majidee.
My husband said it is a low flying aeroplane.
But with that flaming red-orange fire around it?

Despite his claim, he stopped at the roadside.
We both gazed up, witnessing the ball of fire flying southwards.
I recited Aayatul Kursi and kept repeating the last verse.
The size of the ball of fire was reduced considerably before it finally vanished.
We then headed home.

It was the first time I witnessed such incident.
I wonder what the ball of fire is, really???


Earlier, Ustaz was showing me what the toilets, the left and right empty houses, and garbage bins had to do with Tina*.
She kept fainting whenever Ustaz threw generous amount of salt and poured clorox to these areas.

After Tina* was her usual self again, Ustaz then asked me to recite any Surahs from the Qur'an for her.
I chose Ar-Rahman as I placed my right palm on her head.
Goodness, no adverse reaction from her.
The salt and clorox had helped to improve her condition tremendously.
Otherwise, her breathing, her facial reaction... She was not herself...

Before we left Tina*'s house, Ustaz asked me to read out aloud the translation of Surah Al-Jinn to about the ten of us.
Is the Surah really has to do with the ball of fire?

72.1: Say, [O Muhammad], 
"It has been revealed to me that 
a group of the jinn listened and said, 
'Indeed, we have heard an amazing Qur'an. 
72.2: It guides to the right course, 
and we have believed in it. 
And we will never associate with our Lord anyone. 
72.3: And [it teaches] that exalted is the nobleness of our Lord; 
He has not taken a wife or a son  
72.4: And that our foolish one has been saying about Allah 
an excessive transgression. 
72.5: And we had thought that mankind and the jinn 
would never speak about Allah a lie. 
72.6: And there were men from mankind 
who sought refuge in men from the jinn, 
so they [only] increased them in burden. 
72.7: And they had thought, 
as you thought, 
that Allah would never send anyone [as a messenger].  
72.8: And we have sought [to reach] the heaven 
but found it filled with powerful guards 
and burning flames.
72.9: And we used to sit therein in positions for hearing, 
but whoever listens now 
will find a burning flame lying in wait for him. 
72.10: And we do not know [therefore] 
whether evil is intended for those on earth 
or whether their Lord intends for them a right course.
72.11: And among us are the righteous, 
and among us are [others] not so; 
we were [of] divided ways. 
72.12: And we have become certain that 
we will never cause failure to Allah upon earth, 
nor can we escape Him by flight.
72.13: And when we heard the guidance, 
we believed in it. 
And whoever believes in his Lord 
will not fear deprivation or burden. 

Source: Al-Jinn 1 - 13 


Wan Sharif said...

A beautiful entry and the fireball Story remind me of verse 5 of AlMulk..
May 2012 brings you and yours Allah's pleasure, Magfirah , Rahmah and Nikmah.. My salaam to you and your hubby..

Ummie said...

"And We have certainly beautified the nearest heaven with stars and have made [from] them what is thrown at the devils and have prepared for them the punishment of the Blaze."
- Al-Mulk : 5.

Thanks for highlighting Al-Mulk.

Series of unfortunate events that keep befalling on Tina* made me realised my vulnerable self.
Needs a lot of soul searching.

At the same time, look out for other souls that need to be searched too.