Monday, January 9, 2012

That Flesh Eater, Now Dead

There is an empty house behind Tina*'s in-law's house.
She 'saw', beyond description (she said), a horrible looking woman.
With long messy hair, she was sitting at the edge of the roof, with let loose and swinging legs, while enjoying eating a foetus deliciously.
Blood was all over her hands and mouth.
While describing that, Tina suddenly vomited, 'seeing' the eerie scenario while she was under therapy.

Ustaz then recited some verses, to which she said, the woman's long messy hair all stood up straight.
It's body swayed a little.
Tina thought it was going to fall from the roof top.

But no.
It flew away to a nearby cluster of bamboo trees.
Under that bamboo trees, villagers used to bury or discard their 'unwanted' belongings.

Once reaching the bamboo trees, the horrible looking woman perched on the tree top.
This time, it ate the carcass of a dead bird.
Tina vomited again, 'watching' the never seen before sight.


Once reaching Tina's in-law's house, she stood at the doorway, watching what Ustaz was going to do.
As usual, he threw generous amount of salt all around it.

Tina's legs went soft, aching all over.
She fainted again and again...