Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Wasn't It 'Abdullah Al-Mubarak During The Haj?

Turkish descendent 'Abdullah bin Al-Mubarak, born 118 years after hijrah, was entering Kufa in Iraq.

On his way to Makkatul Mukarramah to perform his haj, he saw an old woman sitting on a rubbish-heap plucking a duck.
It occurred to him that it was indeed a carrion, dead and rotting, not fit for her consumption.
He stopped his mule, and asked the woman if the duck is slaughtered or already dead.

When she answered the latter,
he asked, 'then why are you plucking it?'
'So that my family and I can eat it,' was her reply.

'Abdullah Al-Mubarak told her that ALLAH Subhaanahu Wa Ta'aala forbid carrion consumption in a country of abundance.
The woman kept chasing and shooing him away, for being a busybody .

After a long exchange of words, he asked the whereabout of her house.
He then left the spot, and rented a proper lodging for him to stay.

At the rented lodging, he then approached a man.
He offered the man some monetary reward if the man accompanied him to the address given by the woman that he had earlier met.

Once reaching the place, 'Abdullah Al-Mubarak requested the man to knock at the door with a stick that he had.
The woman asked who was at the door.
When 'Abdullah asked her to open the door, she partially opened it.
He insisted that she opened it wide, all the way.

He got off his mule and hit it with the stick that he had.
The mule went into the house.
Then he said to the woman that the mule with all the provision on it, money and clothes are all hers.
For this world and the Next.

'Abdullah Al-Mubarak stayed behind.
He did not proceed to Makkatul Mukarramah, until the haj season ended.
He returned home when all pilgrims had returned after performing their haj.


Some of his country folks went to greet him.
They congratulated him for accomplishing his haj.

He told them that he was down with illness and did not go on haj.
But one of them said,
Did I not leave my goods with you, while we were at Mina on our way to 'Arafah?"

Another person said the same thing.
He turned to them saying, he did not know what they were saying.
Once again, for himself, he did not go on haj that year.

*** 'Abdullah Al-Mubarak dreamt that someone was telling him,
''Abdullah, rejoice! for ALLAH has accepted your sodaqah.
HE sent an Angel in your form, performing the haj for you.'"

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