Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Snake No More

There is a TNB's transformer room - Bilik Jana Kuasa - sprawled behind my kitchen.

In front of it, is a big ketapang, catappa, or almond tree.
Under that shady tree, it used to be a dumping ground - A real eye sore.

Few weeks before last year's Ramadhan, several men erected a new fencing around the transformer room. They gave the room a new coat of paint.
They needed water supply for their work, and got it from my place.

I seek their permission, and took that opportunity to clear the dumping ground under the ketapang tree.
I planted several tapioca plants and placed potted roselle around the tree.
Neighbours and public had been told, they are free to pluck the tapioca leaves,

and the roselle flowers.
The plants are all meant for everybody's use.


Laila*, whose father's restaurant is facing the tree, came to me, asking why I took the effort to clear the dumping ground around the tree.
A real eye sore, my answer.

"Don't you know, it's the house of a very big snake?" She asked.
"Is it?" I wasn't aware of it.

She said, that shady tree was once naked, without even a single leaf.
Mysterious wind kept blowing all of the leaves, into her father's restaurant - Not any of her neighbours shops and offices.

The mystery began to unfold when one day, Laila saw a very big snake.
It twirled its long body, round and round the tree trunk, from the ground, to the topmost of it.

The hissing snake kept blowing all the leaves into one direction - The restaurant.